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PTE Training was established in September 2016 and we took more than 4 months to formulate our strategies on how we could develop a course that can bring a balance to work, life and study commitments for our members. The point of difference was to bridge the gap between classroom-based coaching and taking the actual test and provide lab based coaching.

With our pricing structure and course material worked out, location was found at Upper Mount Gravatt and we started trading as of 6th January 2017. PTE Training at the outset was adamant at ensuring we provided coaching that can bring difference to our students and prepare them to take any question that might encounter in PTE Test.

In a nutshell, we focused more on delivery and application rather than just delivery. We also emphasized on addressing the underlying concerns members face when taking the PTE Test. We have gone through more than 1200 students since then and with 80% of our members able to get their desired scores, we know we are in the right track.

September and November 2018 also brought about a new ear for PTE Training with opening of two more centers in Brisbane City and Surfers Paradise. PTE Training was the first professional PTE Coaching center in Gold Coast and have catered to more than 400 students since its opening. With the ability for members to access any center, we provided flexibility to our members across Brisbane and Gold Coast.

We came up with the concept of members rather than students as part of our Inspired Leaning approach. The approach work on concerns like pronunciations, oral fluency, confidence, anxiety of the taking the test. All this coupled with personal interaction, feedback on every class attended and being proactive was a means of getting the members to understand and take charge of the issues they face to get their desired results led us to creating an online inbuilt system that helped in documentation every aspect of their time with us.

With our flexible programs, current material, professional standards, lab facilities, multi-lingual staff, PTE Training has worked with members from 43 nations so far. Our robust programs, intense personal interactions are what our members seek the most. We have been able to create a comfortable atmosphere at all our centers for members to interact and feel at home. We encourage and organize study groups at no additional cost, extension of our facilities when classes are not being held to our members.

We believe in delivery an aww-inspiring experience off your time with us. With our program and ongoing support, we are more than a coaching center, but an exclusive club that you can be proud to be associate with. We, Shelley Saini ( Senior Partner and Head Trainer ) and Vivek Raghavan ( Business Development Manager) encourage you to attend our center and meet us, before you decide to join us.

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