Delivery Methods | PTE & IELTS Coaching
Delivery Methods

Classroom Delivery

This is a traditional face-to-face classroom based delivery. Every member starts off with classroom delivery to be moved to lab based coaching. Programs are structured to get the most out of your time with us.

We have always believed in Inspired Learning and having smaller number of students in each class is how we achieve this philosophy.

With only 10 students per class and infrastructure to match, classes are interactive, personal and informative. As a member we understand it is daunting to walk into a room of 40 or 50 students, small class size ensures the attention of your trainer.

Lab Based Delivery

Once a member finishes with his/her classroom based delivery, you are then putting what you learnt in practice in a lab. With a trainer present for every aspect of PTE, we help you break down the concepts to ensure clarity and remove ambiguity when taking the test.

With real time lab facilities PTE Training ensures you feel prepared when attending a PTE Test Centre. We also believe with visual learning, members are more likely to retain information longer and this will reflect on the scores they achieve.

Members who sign up for program higher than The Jet also receive free mock test and individual test. We can then provide you with a realistic scores sheet and break down every part of your performance in the test.

Online Interactive Delivery - OID

PTE Training has take up the challenge of providing coaching to students who cannot access a coaching centre, offering an online alternative. Online Interactive Delivery (OID) is interactive and enables you to see and ask questions to our trainers in real time.

Online Interactive Delivery (OID) has only limited number of 5 students ensuring ample time for you to interact with your trainer. In order to enroll in our online interactive courses, you will need

  • Reliable internet connection
  • A laptop or computer with a webcam, or
  • A smart phone or tablet (Android or iOS ) can also be used (App available ) to log in. The software fee is paid by us enabling you to use this for free.

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