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The versatility of our programs means there is an option to suit every need, budget and skill level.

The Best PTE Coaching Classes & Courses

At PTE Training, we offer a range of different PTE classes in Brisbane and the surrounding areas. The versatility of our programs means there is an option to suit every need, budget and skill level. Whether you’re after a quick brush up on your skills, comprehensive English tutoring or extensive classes, the best choice is PTE Training! Our promise to ensure flexibility also means that you can take more than one class a day to shorten the time in which you finish your program. Take a look at our program schedule to see which style of PTE coaching is best for you.

The Nimble

This program has been designed to suit members who may not be proficient in English and need additional PTE coaching classes to prepare them for the test. The Nimble is delivered over four weeks in our classroom and labs along with two free mock tests. In total, this PTE course runs for 40 hours with a test in each aspect, grammar and speaking classes, study plans and reviews of your work.

The Jet

This PTE Course is best suited to those who are proficient in English but need to have a detailed understanding of the PTE test as a whole. This PTE course is based in our Brisbane classroom and labs and includes one mock test. The Jet takes three weeks to complete or, a total of 30 hours with additional classes in speaking and grammar.

The Supersonic

This fast-paced program is delivered over five days of PTE coaching classes. The Supersonic is ideal for people who have attempted the test before and are aware of how it works. These PTE classes aim to brush up on modules and concepts and takes 10 hours to complete.

The Cruiser

For those with basic English, The Cruiser is the best PTE coaching option for you. This program has been designed for members who lack proficiency in English, difficulty with pronunciation, writing concerns and lack of confidence. The Cruiser will help you develop your skills, as well as nurture you in each aspect of the test. Delivery is one-on-one, included four mock tests and an individualised study plan. This form of PTE coaching also includes take home material, additional classes in speaking, pronunciation and grammar.

How to choose a program

There are various factors that can be taken into consideration when you choose a program. Some of the most important aspects are:

  • Your current aptitude in English
  • The scores you need to achieve
  • The Location
  • The Program Schedule
  • Price
We can assess your English aptitude with our self-assessment test that can be taken in 10 minutes. The test is designed to work on a time frame addressing various aspects of English like grammar, spelling and writing. It’s a no obligation test and can determine the program you can choose. The results are instant and can be handed to you on the spot.

Knowing the time on hand that you have to take your PTE Test, if you have prior knowledge of PTE as a test, the test pattern etc can also reduce the amount of time you need to spend on a program. With programs starting from 1 week to unlimited, we cater to a broad spectrum of member requirements.

With classes in any program delivered rotational and with 128 classed and 5 programs delivered in week across our 4 centres, you can rest assured find a schedule that suits your schedule and budget. The wonderful aspect of rotational delivery is that you can start your class at any scheduled program time on any day.
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